Breaking the Blogging Barrier Once and For All (Just Hit Post: Day 1)

Breaking the Blogging Barrier Once and For All (Just Hit Post: Day 1)

I think one of the things about technology and the internet that’s taken for granted nowadays, is how easy it is to use it to provide value through things that you’re already doing.

I recently filmed a timelapse of myself making some tomato soup on an Instagram food page of mine - just for the fun of it, and out of an interest in developing the account in some way.

And then it occurred to me that to someone who’s just starting university in say, Singapore, halfway across the world, who’s never learnt how to cook, who went through exactly the same experience as me - these videos and posts could be such a useful thing. And if I’d never recorded them and hit post, they would never be able to help.

I’ve been going on quite a few YouTube rabbit hole dives recently, into the usual productivity/self help spaces that I watch. This blog was actually the result of my interest in that area, and the push from YouTubers like Ali Abdaal who encouraged people to start blogs.

But the more I develop this site, and my own ideas, the more I realise that initiatives like this are encouraged for people to help them down the line. Whether that be through growing a network, monetisation or a whole host of other benefits. I’ve learnt that if you’re genuinely providing value to an audience, then there are people out there who would be willing to pay for more help.

In these sorts of self help and productivity spaces, there’s a constant theme of making content and providing value to people’s lives. I’ve heard it countless times - and this post that I’m writing is more for myself than anyone else, but I want to reiterate why it’s so important to do that, and how I’m going to keep at it.

A constant barrier that I’ve hit during my time writing this blog, is purely the fact that I haven’t been able to post as often as I want. I’ve not been consistent. If you’ve followed the last few posts, you might find it funny the amount of times I’ve said this - tried to give myself some sort of solution to fix it, and failed again.

Well, I’m sorry to say this is another one of those attempts - only this time I think it might work.

Just Hit POST!

If you’re starting or have considered starting an endeavour like this, the number one best thing you can do for yourself ten years down the line is to just start creating.

There are countless people that spend their days watching videos on YouTube, liking posts, tweets and reels, but only a fraction of them create consistently.

In the age of technology that we’re in, the internet is THE easiest way to provide value to people at scale. And by that I mean anything and everything - you’ll know because you’ve gotten value yourself - a random forum answering a question about some software you use, or a nice recipe you can use to make dinner, or 10 tips for productivity. Whatever it is, make it, and do it consistently.


I think rather than going on another long-winded essay about all the benefits of blogging, creating content or building an audience on a platform, this video from Ali Abdaal explains it in the clearest, best way:

I recently heard a pretty accurate quote - technology is like a knife. It can cut an orange, or it can kill a human. Making useful content online is one of the friendlier ways to use the internet, and one that provides value to other people.

Helping people helps you. Not only do you get an innate sense of satisfaction at giving someone something they didn’t have before - providing people value builds a network for you and those around you to do so themselves.

David Perell, a famous blogger, calls this the serendipity vehicle - if you publish content regularly, people will discover you and initiate opportunities that you wouldn’t have been able to find before.

The focus

These are my efforts to create the same sort of thing, and help people along the way.

So What’s The Plan?

I’m going to do a 30 day challenge. Everyday, I’m going to spend some time writing on this blog. Simple as that.

So for the next 30 days, I’m going to give you guys the scoop - on all my thoughts from that day, whether they be business ideas, what happened in my day or how I’m feeling, and just. Hit. Post.

Personally, I’ve heard enough about the idea of starting a blog and creating content at this point that I’ve gotten to where I am -  fuelling the cycle and making even more content, in some strange attempt to get myself to do it more. A little weird now I think about it, but I’m betting that it’s going to be useful for me in some way, years down the line.

So, to lower some expectations - don’t expect any of the fancy divider lines or art in between the text. Right now my focus is just to write, and to post. Maybe I’ll include them later. Or maybe, I’ll just find out I’ve been deluding myself this whole time, and it really isn’t that hard to sit down and write everyday. We’ll see :)

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