The Return (JHP Day 27)

The Return (JHP Day 27)

So, if you were keeping up with my blogging progress in recent days, you will have come to an unfortunate truth:

I took a break from blogging only a few days before I was meant to finish my 30 day challenge. Very scandalous, I know - but I didn’t end up blogging for 30 days straight.

Crumpled pages from a book

There were missed days, times when it was either too late, I was too tired, or just couldn’t be bothered to write my insights to publish for the day.

But in actual fact, I’m really quite happy with how things have gone. Even though I didn’t post, I still continued to write every single day for those 30 days. And even though I couldn’t keep up the posting habit for a full month, there were so many rewards I got from the process, that I don’t feel unfulfilled, stopping before I should have.

The progress I’ve made writing, creating and sharing my ideas has been massive, and the crazy part is, it’s been only a small part of what I’ve done in my own time. My mindset towards sharing what I do and think, as well as what I’ve achieved over the last month outside of the blog, has shifted.

I was messing around in my dorm and came up with this.

I’ve managed to create a YouTube channel and start posting content for students - developed strategies for growth in my studies, getting ready for the new academic year - begun the creation of digital guides for aerospace engineers just starting out, and taken the first steps towards starting a podcast.

So really those small breaks in between haven’t felt so bad after all.

I’m going to keep blogging whenever possible, hopefully somewhere around twice a week, and at the end of my 30th post, look back on the lessons I’ve taken.

In the meantime, life goes on, and my first proper YouTube video is out now! A recap of the drone and space conference trip, with some travel montages, student insights and amazing exhibits of drones. Have a watch!

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